NRS 430 Week 2 Contemporary Nursing Practice Assignment

NRS 430 Week 2 Contemporary Nursing Practice Assignment

NRS 430 Week 2 Contemporary Nursing Practice Assignment

Contemporary Nursing Practice SAMPLE

Nursing practice involve wide range of health care . This paper seeks advance various key areas of contemporary nursing practice. In particular, the paper will discuss the evolution of nursing practice overtime, comparison and contrast of the differentiated practice competencies between an associate and baccalaureate education in nursing, identify a patient care situation that portrays how nursing care differs between the BSN prepared nurse and the ADN nurse, discussion of the essence of applying evidence-based practice to nursing and how RNBSN supports its application, and illustration of interdisciplinary team collaboration and communication among nurses and how it supports patient outcomes.


The field of nursing has changed over time. In a 7501,000 word paper, discuss nursing practice today by addressing the following:

  1. Explain how has changed time and how this evolution has changed the scope of practice and the approach to treating the individual.

Nursing practice has gradually changed overtime. According to Ranard, (2015), was initiated when it did not require formal medical training but it was based on the gender and eagerness for the job. At that time, women would learn medical skills from their mothers or other women in nursing. Women were regarded as caretakers and nursing was perceived as extension of their job as care takers. Nurses used to deal with minor ailments and help patients who were unable to perform activities of daily living. However, the nursing profession started changing after the creation of council of nurses in different countries which brought the rules, standards, and regulations which turned the nursing into a profession (Ranard, 2015). Today, nursing profession has drastically changed and is characterized by extensive training programs, more responsibilities, better hospitals, focus on patient care, and more diversified staff. Moreover, the current nurses are more about leading change, promoting teamwork and consistency, prioritizing, and organizing, which have in turn changed the scope of practice and approach to treat an individual by increasing efficiency in health care, saved lives, and led to generations of devoted medical professionals.  Essentially, the current nurses act as bridge that binds team of health care professionals and other disciplines together.

Topic 2 DQ 1


Define critical thinking and evidence-based practice. Discuss what critical thinking in nursing practice entails and explain why it is important. Discuss the role of critical thinking and evidence-based practice as they relate to patient outcomes.

Re: Topic 3 DQ 2

is a design of intentional and precise thoughts that assist with getting sorted out disciplinary reasoning and impact practice. Conceptual models explain a perspective or a psychological image of how the theory fits together (Whitney, 2018) Nursing theory is the terms given to the collection of information used to help nursing practice. Theories are based upon an establishment of ideas. However, the conceptual model is how nurses apply the theories and principles to their study

Florence Nightingale’s Environmental theory is an illustration of the nursing theory. Florence Nightingale fostered the theory in England during second half of the nineteenth century. It principally centers around the environment and explained the external influences and conditions which influence the life of an organism which can prevent, suppressing or contributing to diseases and even death (Alligood, 2014). In this theory, there is a thought of the disease as the restoring process begins. The role of the nurse is to ensure balance of the patient’s energy with the environment to assist patient with recuperating from the disease. The nursing job is to assist with providing safe and healthy environment for patients may live in ideal well-being.

As indicated by Florence Nightingale theory, giving a reasonable environment makes better condition for a patient to recuperate. In the nursing practice, this method would be highly effective in the management of care for the patients with a colostomy (Afsha, 2016). A colostomy is an opening in the large intestine. During the process, one end of the digestive organ may be redirected through an entry point in the abdominal wall making a stoma which is an opening in the skin. This requires effective nursing care making the theory very effective. The theory expresses that, keeping up with the outer climate of a patient may help with quicker recuperating time for the patient condition. The support of the outside climate, there might be perception of indications of enhancement for the skin around the stoma and the patients may show a few changes in the impacted region. In this manner, the hypothesis supports the advancement and anticipation of difficulties regarding skin breakdowns.


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Compare and Contrast the Differentiated Practice Competencies between an Associate and Baccalaureate Education in Nursing

Nurses with Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) both practice as registered nurses. However, their competencies in practice vary significantly depending the variation in nursing education. The education of ADN takes a period of three years and it’s mostly technical. Moreover, it focuses on the clinical skills intended to enhance patient health status. The ADN scope of practice is usually task oriented and nurses are held responsible for their actions. ADNs are expected to have the ability of evaluating, planning, and executing proper patient care from the time patient visits to the triage until admission or discharge. On the other hand, BSN connotes a four-year program that involves various nursing issues such as nursing roles, critical thinking, patient care, supervision, management, and community health. Regarding the scope of practice, BSN nurses should portray independent decision-making and ability of problem solving. The scope of practice also involves integration of intellectual, emotional, physical, and social competencies to improve patient outcomes (Rosseter, 2014). Overall, BSN-prepared nurses provide more holistic care as opposed to ADN-prepared nurses because they take care of patients in the entire time of patient care, which begins from pre-admission to post-discharge.

Identification of a Patient Care Situation that Highlights the Difference in Nursing Care between the BSN Prepared Nurse and the ADN Nurse

In patient care situations, there are fundamental differences in approaches to decision-making between BSN-prepared nurses and ADN-prepared nurses. For instance, in a patient c are situation where the patient needs intubation in emergency room, the ADNs and BSN nurses are likely to portray differences in decision making approaches. The BSNs approach to decision is likely to be anchored on the management of the patient after intubation while ADNs approach to decision is directly focused on patient treatment since they have authority to intubate the patient and prescribe drugs to the patient. Likewise, in the decision making approaches involving end of life care, the BSNs will focus on various aspects such as the rights of the patient, legal, and palliative aspects, which the ADNs are not trained to focus on (Loversidge et al., 2018).

Significance of EBP to Nursing and How Academic Preparation of the RNBSN Nurse Supports EBP Application

Evidence-based practice (EBP) in nursing connotes application of best available evidence, patient inclinations, and clinical expertise to clinical practice. EBP is important in the nursing practice of care because it avails scientific research to nurses to guide their decision. Moreover, EBP helps nurses to be updated about the new medical guidelines for patient care. By relying on the best current documented interventions that matches the health care needs of the patients, nurses tend to increase recovery chances for the patients (Dang &Dearholt,2017). Overall, the implementation of EBP in health care is associated with better patient-outcomes, which can ultimately reduce the demand for health care resources. The EBP models of care are applied in healthcare organizations in a bid to standardize and deliver more reliable and quality patient care. On the other hand, the academic preparation of the RNBSN nurse supports EBP application because it sharpens RNBSN nurses’ skills on research. RNBSN nurse students learn how to incorporate nursing evidence, theories, clinical judgment, and patient preferences. As health care is increasingly becoming complex, EBP knowledge of EBP is crucial for the success of nurses. RNBSN-prepared nurses know how and where to pursue evidence-based guidelines and the manner of executing such guidelines in the routine nursing practice.

Interdisciplinary Team Collaboration and Communication among Nurses and How it Supports Safe and Effective Patient Outcomes

Multidisciplinary teams connote health care team members drawn from different areas of specialty with complementary skills, experience, and profession. For patients to receive better health care under the interdisciplinary team, nurses should communicate with pertinent experts concerning the treatment plan for their patient while acknowledging the responsibilities of each team member. Mostly, nurses serve a bridge between the health care organization, physicians, and patients. As such teamwork is crucial for nursing role. Therefore, it is imperative to facilitate open communication. Effective communication in multidisciplinary team ensures safe and more effective patient outcomes by ensuring quality patient-oriented care. It also ensures reduction in medical errors and enhances patient experience with health care. Ultimately, this will reduce the health care cost (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2015).


The nursing profession has evolved from a situation where it did not require formal medical training to the present practice where nursing is considered as a valuable profession extensive training programs and more patient health care responsibilities. On the other hand, the practice competencies between ADN and BSN prepared nurses varies significantly. BSN-prepared nurses provide more holistic care as opposed to ADN-prepared nurses because they take care of patients in the entire time of patient care, which begins from pre-admission to post-discharge. It has also been established that the implementation of EBP in health care is associated with better patient-outcomes. Finally, interdisciplinary team collaboration is crucial in ensuring safe and effective health care services, which leads to positive patient outcomes and satisfaction with health care services.


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NRS-430V NRS-430V-O503 Contemporary Nursing Practice 150.0

The nursing profession is held in high esteem by the public; however, this hasn’t always been the case. There has been inconsistency in the perception that the general public holds regarding nurses throughout the course of history. The positive imagery that the public has now of nurses, is arguably crafted by the early pioneers of nursing. Florence Nightingale promoted cleanliness and sterilization during delivery of health care services, and this went on to be the benchmark for the profession: setting a precedence that could only get better with time. This became the standard expectations of nurses, as they were then seen as symbols worth emulating and excellence- a symbol that had them branded as ‘heroes’ back in the days of World War II. This could be further solidified by the perception that nursing was synonymous to women, which meant that there was a lot of perceptions inclined to nurses being caring, empathetic, and compassionate. According to Horton and Tschudin (2007), the acquisition of disciplinary values and improvement, are pivotal to professional growth for the enhancement of quality patient care and satisfaction. This reiterates the public’s expectations of nursing as a profession where personal conduct is held in high regards.

For the nursing profession, there are several factors that influence the public towards certain perceptions of nurses. These factors include; media, education, gender, professional conduct of nurses, leadership development, experience under colleagues, myths, and misconceptions. For instance, whenever a patient is satisfied by the services that they are receiving from nurses- even better for those experiencing improved services- then chances are, the patient will be inclined to have a positive perception of nursing as a profession. The general public could be educated on nursing, with an aim to improve its perception of nurses through developing a positive social image. This will in turn increase the number of learners who would opt to settle for nursing and would further motivate them to settle for nursing as a profession. Additionally, engaging the media and striving to promote a positive image, having pride in nursing, and encouraging nurses to become community leaders would further enhance the public’s perception. This would not only shape the nurse’s growth for the better but would also influence service delivery and make it better, which is something positive for the community and the nursing profession at large.


Horton K., Tschudin V., Forget A. (2007). The value of nursing: a literature review. Nursing ethics 14(6): 716-740.

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