NRS 430 Professional Development Of Nursing Professionals Essay

NRS 430 Professional Development Of Nursing Professionals Essay


Professional Development of Nursing Professionals

The nursing profession makes up the largest segment of the . The profession has been continuously changing and evolving over the years to meet the increasing consumer demand, while at the same time improve the quality of care provided. On the other hand, nursing professional development is used to refer to the process of improving the quality of service delivery through continuous education and training. Through professional development, nurses can advance their careers and remain updated on the latest technology, techniques, and different ways of practice (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, & Institute of Medicine, 2010). This paper will focus on discussing the Institution of Medicine’s (IOM) report that was published in 2010, and its impact on nursing practice.

Top of Form

            The IOM 2010 report, acknowledges the fact that the United States has all it takes to advance the healthcare system by providing quality services which are seamless and relies on evidence, leading to improved care outcome. Four messages are put across in this report, which includes, (a) ensuring that


nurses exploit their full educational and training potential when providing care services, (b) advancing nursing education and training by improving the education system, (c) preparing nurses to become full partners with other healthcare professionals hence having the opportunity in redesigning and improving the current healthcare system; and lastly, (d) improving the process of data collection which is essential in better planning and policy making (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, & Institute of Medicine, 2010).

This report helps in revolutionizing nursing practice in several aspects. For instance, allowing nurses to exploit their full potentials helps in broadening the current limiting nurses’ scope of practice, hence the healthcare system can reap full benefits as a result of nursing training knowledge and skills inpatient care. Consequently, improving nursing education will help in attracting more students to take interest in the nursing profession, increasing overall the number of nurses in the United States (Kearney, 2019). Graduates will also yearn for more educations which will in turn increase the number of nursing specialists, improving the quality of care provision. The full partnership will help in enhancing teamwork in the healthcare system, while an improved data collection process will help in saving time and enhance the efficiency of patient care.

Influence of IOM on Education, Leadership, Benefits, and Opportunities for BSN-Prepared Nurses

Because of the aging population in the United States, the healthcare system is likely to face a severe shortage of qualified nurses in the future. As a result, the need for more nurses has been recognized over time. However, due to a scarcity of professional nursing instructors, this has not been possible. As a result, the IOM reports that the education system is progressing, which will increase the number of bachelors of science in nursing (BSN) graduates. BSN graduates are more responsible and have better supervisory roles, allowing good leaders to transform the healthcare system. 2017 (Whitehead, Dittman, & McNulty) They will also benefit from increased job opportunities and higher wages. Finally, the BSN will make room for nurses to pursue higher levels of education and professionalism at the master’s and doctoral levels, which are required for nurses to work as primary care providers, researchers, and nurse faculty.

Importance of the Evolution of the Education and Role of the Nurse to Meet the Needs of an Aging and Diverse Population

            Advanced aging and the diverse American population require a high level of expertise in patient care. Most of the aged patients suffer from chronic illnesses which require high-quality skills and knowledge for better care outcome. Consequently, the diverse population requires nurses with adequate knowledge and skills, such as better communication and a better understanding of different cultural norms and beliefs. As such, registered nurses, and nursing associates do not have the necessary qualifications in providing better care services for this population (Kearney, 2019). Hence the need for better education to increase the number of BSN who have the right competencies and qualifications to take care of this delicate population. Further educational advancement also gives room for specialist nurses who are needed to take care of patients with critical illnesses.

Significance of Professional Development, Lifelong Learning, in Relation to Diverse Populations Across the Life Span and Health-Illness Continuum

            The nursing profession is very challenging due to the continuous changes in information and ways of providing care. To keep up with the changes, there is a need to adopt a lifelong learning attitude for better professional development and improve the quality of care provided. Consequently, nurses encounter patients from different cultural backgrounds, different age groups, and diverse illnesses (Whitehead, Dittman, & McNulty, 2017). As such it becomes very hard to take care of such patients while relying primarily on the education that was gained before in graduate school. However, lifelong learning will help in keeping up with the3 current information and technology required in taking care of this diverse population.

Effectiveness of Nurses Managing Patient Care Within an Evolving Health Care System

            In the current healthcare system, nurses play a new role in care coordination from numerous providers, managing caseloads of individuals with intense healthcare needs, and helping patients transition to other healthcare settings or into their homes. Additionally, the evolving healthcare system has allowed nurses to work as “health coaches” with effective results both in illness prevention and health promotion (Famure et al., 2020). Lastly, new paths have been established for nurses in emerging fields such as informatics, telehealth, scientists, leaders, and genetics and genomics, which have improved the quality and efficiency of healthcare provision.

The process for the development of nursing standards in Florida

Nursing practices in Florida are guided by different laws and rules in that every content entails an overview of particular principles. It involves specialized knowledge, skills, and the ability to make informed decisions when providing health care services. Careers in nursing take widely divergent paths; they all depend on the type of client one is dealing with, conditions and therapeutic strategies based on rehabilitation levels. It primarily entails assuring patients of their wellbeing and capabilities by offering them safe and ideal healthcare services.

Trained professionals such as Advanced Practice Nurses (APPNs), Registered Nurses help in maintaining dynamic licenses to taking part in nursing activities. On the other hand, the American Nurses Association (ANA) recognizes that a social insurance framework in which a varied variety of trained professionals is available, accessible, and cooperating – constructively – best serves patients’ interests (Toney-Butler & Martin, 2022). As a result, it’s crucial that the amount of instruction an expert receives corresponds to his or her actual abilities.

Medical services in Florida are offered only when one is licensed, this helps to ensure that those who offer services have been well trained. The confusing factors in the scope of training become evident if all of these questions are answered. For a profession as unique as nursing, and with growing human service demands, changes in the scope of training and coverage duties are unavoidable in the existing and future social insurance frameworks in Florida. In line with this, nursing standards in the American Nurses association entrust its members when developing an official resource to work on research before getting approved. This nursing approach, like ANA, ensures that all standards are met and represented to nurses across the globe.

Standards of care found at the national level are developed by the state boards of nursing, which help to enforce them. Healthcare practitioners must make decisions or accomplish duties that may result in legal action against them by coworkers or patients (Toney-Butler & Martin, 2022). Most nurses possess the dedication, motivation, knowledge, and training necessary to carry out their duties accurately and competently. However, despite scrupulous adherence to acknowledged norms of conduct, there may be times when litigation is needed.

NRS 430 Professional Development Of Nursing Professionals Essay References

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Topic 5 DQ 2

Sep 19-23, 2022

Discuss the importance of advocacy as it pertains to client care. What is the nurse’s role in client advocacy? Describe a situation in which you were involved with client advocacy. Explain what the advocacy accomplished for the client, and what the repercussions would have been if the client would not have had an advocate.

Being an advocate for patients is something nurses do daily. But how do we advocate for them?  When do we advocate for them?

Lampert (2016) makes a good point stating “The first step in successfully advocating for your patient revolves around knowing your patient’s wants and needs” (para. 2). Lampert goes on to remind nurses of the importance of advocating for the patient and what they want not the wants of others such as family members or even the wants of the nurse (2016).

Advocating for the patient requires the nurse to be assertive in discussing the wants and needs of the patient. Being assertive is different than being aggressive according to Lampert (2016). Learning this balance is important.

What are your thoughts on these things? How do you find you can be assertive in advocating for patients?

Lampert, L. (2016). How to advocate for your patient.

Lampert brings up a great point between aggression and assertiveness. I think bedside nurse and advocating for your patients is a huge and very important part of our job because we have a responsibility to keep our patient safe from harm. I believe one can be assertive without being aggressive when advocating for their patient by collecting as much objective information about the patients as possible and presenting it to whomever in this case most likely the hospitalist in charge of the patient in a manner where you have to show legitimate concerning information and direct advocation for your patients health and well being. I believe if you present information in this manner it is assertive and shows concern without being aggressive.

Advocating for your patient helps build trust and overall helps that patients wellbeing and outcome. You’re putting that patients needs and wants above all else, and involving them in their care. We must listen to what our patient wants and think about what is best for that patient when following through with their care plan, making sure they are involved also!

We can advocate for our patients by being diligent in our documentation, paperwork, charting and directions. Make sure to carefully read all orders and double check with doctors, pharmacists, nurse practitioners to prevent errors, misinformation or oversight. When do we advocate for our patients? All the time. Anytime we see or have the hunch that things might be wrong, we have to follow up on it and make sure we are doing everything we are supposed to do to ensure patient safety.

Advocating for patients can help improve patient wellbeing and help to improve patient outcomes. It’s important that nurses advocate for their patients because it gives patients a voice in their own care and helps them to keep up with their treatment and procedures. By having a voice patients can also communicate confidently with physicians and the ones that are invested in their care. Those advocates will take the time to explain and answer questions that they may have (2022).

I’ve advocated for this particular patient because of the lack of care the patient was receiving. The patient had a Specialist a nephrologist as her primary care physician, under normal circumstances the hospitalist will act as the primary medical physician and the specialist would be consulted to suit the patient’s needs and care. The patient was seen earlier that day by the specialist in the office for follow-up but complained about having periods of confusion, Patient was sent to the ED and admitted under his care. The family complained that they felt that the patient their mom was only worsening and requested to see someone else. The nursing staff also complained of the objective data and asked for a consultation with other disciplinaries, neuro, cardiology, and pulmonary.  The specialist refused and stated that this was a result of the patient’s kidney injury and wanted us, the nursing staff to agree to that. This without doubt goes against the standards of care, (2017), therefore we as nurses disagreed and were asked by the family to seek help for their mom elsewhere, I advised the primary nurse to immediately contact the patient advocate and explain the situation we were dealing with. Within an hour the patient had a primary medical doctor, and consults, for neuro, cardiology, and pulmonary. Although there was a delay in patient care, in the end, the patient was able to receive the proper care she deserves. The family even requested that he to be removed as her nephrologist. Once the other doctors came on board, we noticed a significant change in patient status.

Avoiding Liability Blog (2017) Are There Limits to a Nurse’s Duty to Advocate for  September 2022 from

Haft, J. (2014) What is Advocacy Communication Retrieved September 21, 2022 from

Re: Topic 4 DQ 2

Accountability means to be answerable to oneself and others for one’s own actions. In order to be accountable, nurses act under a code of ethical conduct that is grounded in the moral principles of fidelity, loyalty, veracity, beneficence, and respect for the dignity, worth, and self-determination of patients (Smith &Karakarshian, 2018). Accountability helps Nurses improve patient quality, work within the evidence-based practice and improve clinical skills. It also created a good work environment and helps overcome challenges and provide direction to work. For example, a critical fall has to be in CT by the designated door time, it is the nurse’s responsibility to make sure that patient is in CT STAT to avoid any serious complications due to a delay in care. Nurses also demonstrate professional accountability by having clear communication with their patient and listens to the patients’ needs and concerns. For example, an incontinent patient needs to be straight cathed for clean urine to rule out a UTI, some patients are opposed to this because of the discomfort and the unknown. In this case, the nurse is accountable for clearly explaining the procedure to the patient as well as working within the scope of practice and explain the importance of the clean sample and provide support to the patient through the process for positive patient outcome.


Smith, N., &Karakarshian, A. (2018, April 6). Accountability in Nursing Practice.


Bonnie you are right, accountability is associated with various advantages in nursing practice such as improvement of quality of patient care, foster evidence-based practice, improves clinical skills, create good working environment, and provide direction of work. Therefore, it is undeniable that accountability is a vital component of nursing practice and patient safety. Fundamentally, accountability aims at safeguarding the patients, health care providers, and employers from consequences of poor, negligent, and unsafe clinical practices. As such, accountability valuable part of health care, this can potentially lead to public trust in nursing practice (Dekker, 2018). Accountable nurses strive to create patient trust for an individual and the entire nursing profession as well.  In turn, patients earn the trust of nursing profession by observing nursing collaborating to ensure quality and positive patients’ outcomes. However, accountability connotes an intricate issue and nurses should strive to assess the professional practice relative to the requirements of patients and the critical nursing roles in health care system.


Dekker, S. (2018). Just culture: restoring trust and accountability in your organization. Crc Press.


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